I have two styles of art: lined and lineless. Please take a look at the galleries below to get a feel for what these styles are. A lot of my recent work has been designing unique stickers; if you’d like a sticker design just say so and I’ll make sure what I draw works for a sticker.

Lined Art

Lineless Art

Have an idea of which style you’d like?


After I get an idea of what you’re looking for, I’ll quote you a flat rate based on how long I think it will take. The more you’re looking for the more it will cost. For example:

  • Black and white lineart costs less than coloured lineart.
  • Lineless is the most expensive as it takes longer to do.
  • More than one figure takes longer than just one figure.
  • The less of a character there is, the faster it is to draw so a head & shoulders shot can cost less than a whole body.
  • A full background takes longer than a minimal background.

If you need a rush put on your commission you will be quoted extra to compensate.

Commercial Pricing

These prices are for non-commercial use only. If you’d like me to provide an illustration for commercial purposes I’m happy to put together a quote for that!


Half of the quoted price is required as a deposit before any work begins. I accept Paypal and will work out the details with you over email once we agree to work together.


I retain the right to display commissions on my social media and website for the purpose of promotion. You may display on your social media/website as well.

Unless we’ve worked out a commercial partnership, any commissioned work copyrights remain with me and cannot be put on merchandise and resold.

What I will need from you

Picture Details

OCs: Please provide their name, description, and reference pictures if you have them.

Fan Art: Please provide name and fandom, as well as any reference pictures if you are looking for a specific appearance.

If you have a certain colour palette in mind, or certain colours you absolutely hate, please let me know upfront.


If there is a particular deadline you’re looking to hit, also mention this upfront. If it is a rush commission it will cost more.


My process starts with a rough sketch. This is the stage where feedback is crucial! Before I go too much further I’ll send you a link to the rough line art for you to provide feedback on. This is a great time to let me know if the picture is going in the direction you were thinking of.

I don’t have a set number of revisions but that is because I trust you not to abuse the collaborative process.

Still Interested?

If you’ve made it this far you’re amazing and let’s make something together!

Send me an email at [email protected] with Commission in the subject line and I’ll be happy to chat with you!