so far to go still…

I read somewhere it takes 10,000 times doing something before you master it. A year ago, I started drawing again after nearly a decade abstaining from putting pencil to paper. These days, I’m putting stylus to iPad but I’m back at it! Only 9,845 times left to go before I master this art thing!

  • Red Riding Hood
  • Fight me
    Male betta fish are beautiful but hilariously aggressive. When someone on Twitter suggested I draw one I immediately dropped what I had been doing to draw it! I had to! Beautiful and hilariously aggressive is my aesthetic. I’m assuming the knife is made from the bones of his enemies? That seems appropriately extra for a […]
  • Isolation
    Feelings are for suckers. I am not the sort of person who is great at expressing their feelings. Painting abstract colour… blobs… like this piece are how I try to get my feelings out. I tell you this because this piece had started off with happy sunrise colours and somewhere along the way my anxiety […]
  • Dick Grayson
    Dick Grayson is the heart-throb Robin. Nightwing. Whatever he calls himself these days. You just know there are villains and heroes alike who’ve written their first name with Grayson as a last name in a journal somewhere just to try it out. Everybody loves Dick!
  • K is for Kawesome
    My partner volunteered his Stardew Valley farmer for a portrait. This is Kragaar; multi-millionaire who made his fortune off of strawberries and strawberry products! Of course, he couldn’t have made those millions without the ‘volunteer’ efforts of the Junimos. Seriously, what are they getting out of this? They don’t get paid. They don’t seem to […]