_ About - Tammy Lee


Curious. Honest. Unexpected. These are words I live by.

I’m sitting on a toilet in this picture.

What materials do you use?

These days I’m using Procreate on an iPad Pro with an Apple pencil. I used to use a Cintiq but I like my current setup better.

Why are you on the toilet?

Cuz I had to poop.

Why should I support you on Patreon?

Well, you get a sticker every month? I post a lot of content there that will never make it to this website. I also post both web-related posts and posts about my speaking gigs on my Patreon.

It also makes me feel validated to see there are people supporting me.  Â¯_(ツ)_/¯

What is your day job?

I’m a web developer.

Do you have any formal art schooling?

Nope. I’m self-taught and always looking for new tutorials and skills.