_ Organic - Tammy Lee


Radio: Pesticides! The pretty killer! Do you really know what is in your fruit?
Radio: Pesticides keep fruit looking good enough to eat… but in reality, they may KILL YOU!
Pêche: Say what?
Pêche: Angst! What if I’m not organic?
Pêche: Wait! Did mom ever…
Pêche: Hee hee! It tickles!
Pêche’s mum: Hold sticky, Peachy! You don’t want mommy to get it in your eyes, do you?
Pêche: Oh. My. God! My own mother used pesticides on me!
Receptionist on the phone”: Hello, Dr.Peter’s office.
Pêche: Omigod! Hello? I think I’ve been poisoned by my mother!
Receptionist: What? Please calm down, sir.
Pêche: She used to spray pesticides on me!
Receptionist: Sir, I need you to calm down.
Pêche: I wanna talk to Dr.Peter!
Dr.Peter: This is Dr.Peter.
Pêche: Doc! I’m not organic!
Dr.Peter: Peachboy, have you ever seen organic fruit?
Pêche: Well, not a good look.
Dr.Peter: They’re ugly.
Pêche: Say what now? I ain’t ugly!
Dr.Peter: Exactly! The pesticides have kept you free of insects and disease!
Pêche: I’m pretty because I’m full of poison? Wow!
Pêche: I’d rather look good than be good for you.
Pêche: I’m so shallow! But cute!